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April 6, 2021

Why Language Skills Are So Important For Your Company’s Reputation


Companies of all sectors invest vast sums of money on corporate branding. Having a recognizable logo, a nice color pallet, and the most dignified values to shout at the world is extremely important. However, what many organizations often fail to understand is that having good language skills is just as essential as all that. Language penetrates every aspect of organizational life. It is crucial for everything: be it negotiating, forging trusty relationships, or simply communicating a novelty. So before you start working on a new logo or developing some fashionable brochures, ask yourself: what is your company’s language strategy? Does it need to be reviewed?
These two questions alone will give you lots of clues on how to improve your business’s reputation.

The importance of language

Empowered by social networks and digital devices, today’s consumers are more informed, more connected, and more demanding than ever before. In order to give your clients what they want and grow your reputation, you must acknowledge that language plays a vital role in every operation. Yes, it is essential to have a user-friendly website, fast and efficient customer service, and be active on social media. But what kind of value can these elements give if the content is poorly written and untranslated? Practically none. Findings from Common Sense Advisory worldwide studies show that a vast majority of consumers prefer to shop in their native language. Moreover, with evidence showing that 85% of online consumers require information in their native tongue to buy a product or request a service, it is quite evident that, nowadays, focusing on a single language is not enough. Further than that, it is also crucial to have excellent business writing skills. More than knowing a language, you have to know who your client is. Connecting with your audience requires impeccable spelling, but it also requires the ability to develop relationships based on mutual benefit and trust. For that, you need to know how to amaze your audience with words.

The impacts of poor language skills

If your target audience doesn’t understand the message or doesn’t trust your company because of poorly written materials, your reputation is at risk. What you write directly affects the way your business is perceived, so don’t leave it to chance!
Writing a speech, a news release, or a clever 140 character tweet can mean a great deal to the way your customers (and potential customers) regard your business. Poor grammar can lead the reader to draw wrong conclusions. Deplorable translation quality can lead to losing credibility and, as a result, business opportunities.
In essence, being fluent in your target languages and capable of writing professionally and appealingly can be a risk mitigation factor for your company.

Tips to manage your company’s reputation through language

Google translator isn’t enough.
If you want to expand your business and connect with customers from all over the globe, you need a more robust translation alternative. In short, you either need to hire a professional native translator or a specialist who can help you adapt your brand to the local market but also consider enhancing your employees’ language proficiency. Besides, you must get your websites and marketing materials adeptly translated. Establishing a social media presence in each language is also a great way to increase your exposure to your foreign language customers, just like developing blogs or targeted advertising for specific countries. Finally, you should also focus on building a cohesive and attractive tone for your company. Like we’ve already stated, when it comes to communication and writing skills, it is not just grammar that matters – it is also essential that you find the right voice to represent your brand personality and values and relate to your diverse audience.

Bottom line…

A reputable international brand image increases the perception of quality and industry leadership. It leads to a stronger customer base and greater business opportunities across the globe. Yet, to reach such nirvana, a beautiful visual design isn’t enough. Like we’ve shown, enhancing your company’s language
and writing skills is the ultimate key to success.

To do so, you may wish to consider language training, and if that’s the case, Language Advantage is here for you!

Helping your company thrive is our ultimate goal. If you aspire to improve your company’s reputation, we can prepare a language program tailored to your business needs. From focusing on your industry’s jargon to developing the best exercises to enhance your writing skills, we can help you transform your
company to the core and make your customers fall in love with your business.