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We work better together when we understand each other

Business language training programs that work

We can take you to new markets. Improve your relationships with international customers and employees. Help you share new ideas about collaboration and global partnerships.

First, you have to learn the language.

For more than 20 years, Language Advantage has been helping people like you transform their businesses with customized language-learning programs. Our clients see immediate results—employees communicate more effectively in a foreign language almost right away. They better understand the native culture, and quickly learn the etiquette of conducting business in the host country.

We offer online and on-site language training across Canada in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Japanese.

Read more about our mission and our programs.

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The Secret to Successfully Launching Language Learning in Your Company

language learning strategy

In our globalized world, deciding to develop new language skills is the first, most important step on the road to new abilities, greater confidence, and a better understanding of others’ lives and views of the world.  It is what allows organizations to communicate efficiently, diplomatically, and confidently, both internally and externally. It can take you to new markets. Improve your relationships with international customers and employees. Help you share new ideas about collaboration and global partnerships. In short, proficiency in one or several foreign languages is invaluable in today’s business world, and it is something all sorts of companies can benefit from.
If you’ve recently decided to implement a language training solution in your organization’s workflow or are interested in doing so in the near future, here are a few things you should consider: read more

Catherine Jodar

Founder & Director

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Passionate About People

Do you ever need to use or better understand another language at work? Have you ever missed parts of a presentation or discussion because you couldn’t fully understand what was being said?

Language miscommunications like these can lead to problems and inefficiencies in the workplace. Productivity decreases. Relationships can be strained. Studies¹ have found that collaboration is more difficult when colleagues don’t share a language.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For over two decades, my team at Language Advantage has been helping executives and professionals learn to speak, read and use languages for business. Our clients develop the skills and confidence to bridge communication gaps that often come with operating in a globally connected world.

Yes, it is possible! With our simple, enjoyable methods, you can quickly become proficient in a foreign language and business culture. We teach what you need to know most: the language, etiquette and specific industry terms you use every day.

My life’s mission is to have you feel comfortable enough in another language to communicate easily and confidently. Hundreds have been successful. You can, too.

Let’s get started.

¹Forbes Insights, Reducing the Impact of Language Barriers


We customize our language training programs to meet our client's communication needs in doing business in Canada and around the world.


Our programs are also tailored to each industry with sector-specific vocabulary.

Convenience and flexibility

We provide training on-site and off-site according to our client's schedule and availability.


We hire experienced instructors who are qualified teachers of a second language.

Our Programs

Business English Courses
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Business French Courses
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Elite Coaching - Advanced Learning
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Helping professionals communicate more effectively in a foreign language and culture


"One of the best personal and professional decision was to engage Language Advantage Inc. to help me improve my Spanish language skills. More specifically, Jacobo has made learning a new language quick and easy and has given me the confidence to interact globally with business connections driving new opportunities."

Mike Zenteno

"Language Advantage has provided French and English language instruction to members of our firm for the past 15 years. All of the instructors have been excellent and have created a very positive and fun learning environment. Language Advantage is dedicated to providing top rate service to its clients."

Mara Nickerson
Director Professional Development
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP