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For more than 20 years, Language Advantage has been delivering real results and transforming organizations. Our language training programs have increased company productivity by helping employees communicate more effectively in a foreign language and culture.

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The Skill That Doesn’t Deteriorate with Age

One of the world’s most influential literature voices was lost on 5th August 2019 when Toni Morrison died. She published her first novel at 39 and her last one at 84. Before she died, she had published four novels, four children books, countless essays and other nonfictional works all after the age of 70.

This tells us one thing that age doesn’t diminish the capacity of a person to write, speak, and learn new vocabulary. The eyesight dims and memory falters but the ability to comprehend and produce language is preserved into older adulthood. Most people, especially writers fear the loss of language abilities as they grow older but research shows there is good news to report. read more

Catherine Jodar

Founder & Director

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Passionate About People

Ever feel lost and powerless in an international meeting because you didn’t fully understand what was being said? You’re not alone, did you know 67% of executives said that language miscommunications lead to inefficiencies and almost half agreed that it made collaboration more difficult, slowing down productivity?

What if we could show you a simple process to get you to quickly and efficiently become proficient in a foreign business culture and allow you to fully and quickly understand the different language that you’re forced to operate in?

I’m Catherine Jodar, for 20 years I have helped executives and professionals learn how to communicate and integrate quickly into their multinational operations through getting them to be more comfortable in another language.

Take my 5 minute free Are You Suffering From Language-itis Quiz to see if your career is being hurt by your lack of language skills across business borders.


We customize our language training programs to meet our client's communication needs in doing business in Canada and around the world.


Our programs are also tailored to each industry with sector-specific vocabulary.

Convenience and flexibility

We provide training on-site and off-site according to our client's schedule and availability.


We hire experienced instructors who are qualified teachers of a second language.

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Helping professionals communicate more effectively in a foreign language and culture


“Language Advantage has provided French and English language instruction to members of our firm for the past 15 years. All of the instructors have been excellent and have created a very positive and fun learning environment. Language Advantage is dedicated to providing top rate service to its clients.”

Mara Nickerson
Director Professional Development
Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP

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