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July 7, 2020

Doing Business With Heart

heart centered business

I always knew that I would run a heart-centered business. Even before starting Language Advantage, back in 1999, I knew that I wanted to build a company that reflected my personal values in every operation and relationship. And so did I! Now, with over twenty years of existence, Language Advantage is everything I dreamt of: a business focused on helping people communicate better, and a business that captures the spirit of thoughtful kindness that I always pursued. My team and I want every client to feel confident when operating in a different language and business culture. But we also want to reach that by providing an unforgettable experience, filled with devotion, professionalism, and, of course, the right amount of fun!

Business with heart: a concept that leads to success

The business world is, very often, regarded as a heartless jungle. When I developed the concept of my language school, I knew that I needed to do something different. Something filled with passion, vision, but also with good practices and strong values. That is how the concept of heart-centered business appeared.
Running a business with heart means that my central mission is to do good. That is why my metric to determine the school’s success is the overall client’s experience and achievements. My team and I want every customer to feel heard, respected, and understood. We want everyone to thrive and feel confident when speaking in a new language. More than sales and numbers, these are the accomplishments that make our hearts beat with pure happiness!

Experience and professionalism

But running a heart-centered business does not mean that we neglect expertise or excellence in our teaching methods. In fact, it is precisely the opposite! Language Advantage is a school where experienced professionals join their strengths to deliver the best learning experience. For over twenty years, my team and I have worked closely with clients from many different sectors and regions. As a result, we know how to successfully address every client’s needs, by offering dynamic, personalized, and efficient programs. We are native speakers, qualified instructors, and caring human beings. Our expertise, united with integrity and heart, is what makes Language Advantage so unique!

Flexibility: the secret to client empowerment

Doing business with heart means that we always put the customer first. That is why Language Advantage excels at creating customer satisfaction: we empower our clients by allowing them to customize their language programs.
When a company hires our services, we devote ourselves to understand its specific needs and goals. We know that every corporation is different and that our teaching methods need to be designed in alignment with every business’s characteristics.
Once we grasp the company’s intention, we develop and implement a program that will make it successful in its international relations.
We work hard to deliver the most engaging and profitable lessons, but we never lose sight of the importance of trust and cooperation. And it is thanks to this unique approach, which combines empathy and devotion with excellence and flexibility, that Language Advantage has gathered so many loyal customers over the years.

A splendid win-win!

At Language Advantage, our main goal is to make our clients thrive. That is why we focus, above everything else, in creating transparent, loyal, and respectful relationships with every individual that joins our language programs. We regard our clients as part of our family and, as a result, we feel that we can only thrive when they do. Learning a new language and a new business culture is a teamwork effort. Everyone involved in the process is tracking a common goal: better communication, better work and personal life, and, most importantly, closer and truthful relationships. When we all work together towards this purpose, we all succeed. In fact, my concept of business with a heart only makes sense when we have a cooperative spirit and appreciation for one another. We care about our clients. And they care about everyone involved in their international business. Because of this, we all benefit when there is an effort to embrace a new language and culture. It is a splendid win-win! And it is what makes me so proud of my team and clients!

Catherine Jodar, Founder & Director

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