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our approach 25 Years of Experience
We tailor courses to your industry and role

Our Approach

67% of executives said that language miscommunications lead to inefficiencies and almost half agreed that it made collaboration more difficult, slowing down productivity

Communicating in other languages? Working in different cultures?
Language Advantage can smooth the transition.
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Tailored to you and your industry

All our programs are personalized, so you set the pace, the context and the content. Your needs and priorities determine what you learn and how much time you devote to it. We track your progress, adjusting lessons and methods to be sure you get the value and results you expect.

Whom do you communicate with? What topics do you discuss? Which communication situations are most relevant? What kind of rapport do you want to build? We specialize in general and sector-specific vocabulary in a cultural context that’s appropriate for your industry.

Our methods and task-based approach take you through real-life business scenes and situations. By setting “can-do” goals that evolve as you learn, your skills grow exponentially.

You stay focused, stimulated and on-track to meet your business’s needs. You’ll be amazed at your own confidence as you become more comfortable and better prepared…every single time.

The little differences that make all the difference

Learning a new language is not like learning anything else. It takes time. It takes patience and practice. Most of all, it takes courage.

Everyone learns differently and at different rates. So, to be most effective, a language-learning program must be flexible. It must adapt to you.

Language Advantage instructors don’t just teach languages. We provide direct, personalized language-learning support, and it begins by getting to know you. Your goals. Your comfort level. Your convenience and your preferred learning style.

With our help, you become confident in your own ability to learn. That is when the magic happens. With the right guidance and encouragement, you see immediate progress. The discomfort you felt fades away as you find the success you always imagined for yourself.

For nearly 30 years, we have been supporting language learners on their journeys to advancement and greater understanding of the world. We have helped people like you reach their personal and professional goals, expand their potential, and achieve more than they thought possible for themselves.

Language Advantage. The little differences that make all the difference.

Language Advantage staff

Trust what you understand

People are more inclined to respect and trust those who speak their language. Your customers and stakeholders are no different.

Learning the language gives you an edge. It paves the way for cultural understanding that informs both business and social situations. You can relax and participate fully, knowing what to expect and how to behave and react appropriately.

You want the trust and respect of your customers and stakeholders. You’ll earn it by learning their native language. Let Language Advantage help.

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Being better able to speak and read Spanish is a great benefit for me, especially when it comes to socializing and communicating with business associates and strengthening our relationships. Latin Americans are very warm and social. Making the decision to start to improve my Spanish speaking and reading abilities has definitely been beneficial in building global business relationships.

~ Dean, Language Advantage client since 2019

Make better decisions

Make better decisions with broader knowledge

People who speak multiple languages are known for their cognitive skills. Their memory improves. Their brains become more efficient, actually restructuring neural connections as they juggle between different language patterns.

In a professional environment, these abilities are valuable. Especially when they help to drive a competitive, successful business setting.

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Save time and money

Employees working in foreign languages often spend time reading and rereading the same documents. They may be unsure about discussions in a meeting or need assistance with translations. The more they need to function effectively, the greater the risk that their productivity and enthusiasm will suffer because their language skills are not strong enough.

Learning a new language takes time and effort. But the results will pay off, and not only for the employee-learners. In the long run, a specialized language program can save your company time and money.

It’s a fact: Language Advantage clients become more productive. They save hours every week relying on their improved language skills rather than translation services.

Learning a new language means acquiring a new culture and mindset; once you are comfortable with these new language skills, they open doors into a more welcoming and interactive environment

~ Lizbeth Toscano, IAMGOLD
Language Advantage client since 2017

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Save time and money