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November 1, 2018

How Learning A New Language Improves Tolerance

Speaking multiple languages has often been praised as a very beneficial trait among kids, youths, and aging adults alike. Bilingual brains are usually better at focusing and responding to cognitive stimuli, and they are also more receptive towards progressive social values and cultural competence. That is, speaking more than a language can give an individual a different mindset, and a strong cross-cultural understanding, with the awareness that there are many different social groups that all interact together in our increasingly globalized world. In this day and age, cultural isolationism can be seen as detrimental for an individual’s outlook on life, and even for his or her ability to thrive in an increasingly diverse environment, which often requires having to relate to people from all walks of life.

Learning a new language is actually a fantastic gateway into a different culture. Speaking a different language can open up to new ideas, new ways to perceive life, and more importantly, different cultural paradigms. By becoming more aware of other cultures, people can develop strong values of tolerance and respect towards others, particularly those who are different.

Source: The Conversation