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We speak your language … and the one you want to learn

Communication: your competitive advantage

Your needs, goals and abilities aren’t like anyone else’s. Your language learning program shouldn’t be, either. So, for over 20 years in Canada and abroad, we’ve been offering flexible, individualized programs that suit business people, professionals and world travellers.

You can expect immediate results. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself applying what you learn right away at work. With our proven methods, on-site and online options, you’ll quickly learn to communicate effectively—and comfortably—in the language of your customers, co-workers and stakeholders. Faster than you thought possible, in a customized program that fits your schedule.

That’s only the beginning. Our instructors are experienced, international specialists and friendly, caring teachers. They help you develop a real, respectful appreciation for the cultures and lifestyles of the countries and regions where they speak those languages, too. We specialize in sector-specific vocabulary, used with cultural sensitivity as it applies to your industry.

You’ll see the results of real communication success, as your competitive edge, productivity and effectiveness grow.

Language Advantage programs are designed for YOU
face to face instruction

Face-to-face programs

To boost your skills and comfort level with a new language, nothing beats the human connection of face-to-face learning programs. We cover the business terminology you should know and coach you about social aspects and the indigenous culture, too. You’ll quickly gain confidence and be able to interact with colleagues, clients, and partners in their own language.

To begin, our team conducts a careful, detailed assessment that tells us where, with whom, and how you’ll use the language. Then, we design a one-of-a-kind program with the grammar, vocabulary and conversation stylings you personally need.

Choose what suits you best: private, semi-private, or mini-group instruction sessions of four-to-six participants. We’ll meet at your workplace or another suitable location. The Language Advantage instructor who partners with you will be the one best-suited to you, your needs and schedule.

Learn more about our teaching approach.

virtual programs

Online Programs

Frequent travellers need a flexible solution so they can learn when and wherever they can.

Our online language programs are for professionals on-the-move. You can use you travel time to practice conversation or improve your business communication skills. 
Language Advantage has online classes, so you can access them wherever you are.

We’ve partnered with LearnCube to offer a superior virtual-classroom experience. It’s an easy-to-connect-to, web-based platform designed for online, collaborative education. If you prefer, we can connect on Zoom, Skype, Google Hangout, TEAMS or another online meeting platform.

Our instructors accommodate your busy schedule. Learn more about our teaching approach.

Read more about Moving to a Virtual Learning Environment and Making it Work.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Discover our programs
business programs

Business Language Programs

Language learning that’s customized for you, in any of six language programs. Your industry, role, and sector-specific vocabulary is the focus, intensified for maximum effectiveness.

The programs combine general communication with real business scenarios and tasks. You learn by enacting situations and conversations that are relevant to you, both on-the-job and as someone living in another country.

A training plan is developed for you specifically, following a thorough evaluation of your writing and/or oral skills.

Private lessons or a group format

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

elite programs

Elite Coaching – High-Impact Business Communication Training

Offered now in English and French only, we focus on concise, precise language; public speaking techniques; and strengthening presentation skills. There are courses for intermediate, advanced, and English and French-as-a-first-language professionals.

To begin, we evaluate your writing or oral skills. Then, we design a unique training plan that emphasizes the areas you want to focus on—reports, email, presentations, meetings, or other interactions. Topics and exercises deal with real-life and business scenarios and examples, so you can begin putting what you learn into practice right away.

Take communication skills to the next level

business writing

Business Writing Course

In business, whether you write internal company communications, one-to-one emails, reports, presentations or marketing brochures, the goal is to have your message understood the way you intend it to be. Clearly. Respectfully. Effectively. Here’s the best part. Your business writing in English or French can get better, easily and (almost!) instantly. There are methods, tools and exercises that can help. Language Advantage coaches are experts. We know the tips and techniques. We’ll help you learn them, so you can see results right away. Offered now in English and French only.

Learn More about our Business English and Business French Writing Courses

Language & Culture

Language & Culture Basics

The perfect starting point. In just 12 weeks, professionals and business people will easily grasp the essentials of a new country’s language and culture.

Even a rudimentary knowledge of another’s language and customs sends a strong message of respect and courtesy. People recognize your effort. That builds trust, reduces “foreignness” and establishes the basis for an ongoing relationship.

With our help, those important first connections with people in other countries will be both appropriate and positive. You will be able to greet people, introduce yourself and even invite someone to a social function.

You can relax, knowing that at work and socially, you understand the language niceties, essential manners and customs of the country where you do business.

Private or group format.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Lunch & Learn Boootcamps

Lunch & Learn Bootcamps

Yes! Language learning can be fun! An interactive small-group forum can help you practise and improve your language skills with others at the same level who have the same goal.

At Bootcamp, groups of four-to-six participants meet for conversations and different activities to learn and practice general and business vocabulary. From New Beginner to Advanced, you’ll be with others whose language ability is similar, so you can encourage each other, chart your progress and have fun learning together.

In one-hour sessions, you’ll learn to improve your language skills with colleagues and/or clients. Discussions, role-plays, mini-improvisations, presentations, and a theme day (work, current affairs, social interactions, telephone skills, travel, and others) will keep your interest high, your spirits light, and the vocabulary relevant.

Learn more about our teaching approach.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation Courses

Do you need to prepare for proficiency tests in French (TEFAQ, DELF, DALF, TEF, OQLF) or English (IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL)? For decades, Language Advantage has helped people get ready to demonstrate their language competence for business, academic, or personal purposes, like immigration.

Our team is familiar with the structure and general content of these tests. With our coaching and support, you’ll have the skills you need to take the exam with confidence. And succeed!

Ask us which exam is best for what you’re looking to achieve.

Private or group format.

Get more information regarding the OQLF French exam and learn more about our OQLF preparation course.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

English Business Immersion Program

English Business Immersion Program with Assessment

The next step. Business Immersion introduces an element of sophistication in the use of English. If you’re ready and need more complex language training or to practise multi-tasking in the new language, this intensive program is for you.

Included is:

  • pronunciation and elocution: enhancing sound production, intelligibility, overall impact of the message transmitted
  • grammar and usage: writing emails, reports, memos and letters.

To begin, we’ll assess your linguistic goals and your current level of knowledge and language confidence. A series of about 25 questions, both written and oral, measure your grammar and comprehension.

Afterwards, our teaching team will determine how to customize your core program to produce the results you want. The program’s emphasis can be adjusted to strengthen your skills in presenting, negotiating, telephoning, video-conference coaching, reading (and understanding) business materials, chairing a meeting or socializing.

Your progress will be evaluated weekly and instructors will adapt the program accordingly.

In private or group format.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Our Packages


Gold package Silver package Bronze package
Heavy ongoing communications in a
foreign language
(More value for money. Ask us about pricing)
Communications in a foreign language on a frequent basis Occasional communications in a foreign language (such as a presentation, a report, an important conference call or a negotiation meeting)
36 or 48 weeks 12 or 24 weeks 6 weeks
Private or Small Group (2-6) Private or Small Group (2-6) Private
Online, on-site or blended training Online, on-site or blended training Online, on-site or blended training
A detailed language assessment of your current language profile A detailed language assessment of your current language profile A detailed language assessment of your current language profile
Customized Blended Language & Cultural Awareness Program Customized Blended Language & Cultural Awareness Program Support with a specific task
Weekly lesson plans by email Weekly lesson plans by email Weekly lesson plans by email
Progress Report at 24 weeks and at the end of the program Progress Report at the end of the program Progress Report at the end of the program
Phone and Email Support
Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 4:30pm
Phone and Email Support
Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 4:30pm
Phone and Email Support
Mon-Fri 8:30 am – 4:30pm

Not sure which plan is the best for you? Contact our language training experts and we will find the best plan that suits your needs.

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