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Our Approach

67% of executives said that language miscommunications lead to inefficiencies and almost half agreed that it made collaboration more difficult, slowing down productivity

Language Advantage provides quality language training for business clients to help them communicate effectively in another language and culture

Tailored to your industry

To meet your business needs, all our programs are tailored to your needs and to meet your objectives. Whatever industry you work in, whatever your role and objective is, we address the communication situations you typically act in. We will take the time to understand who you communicate with, what the topics are and what rapport you want to build. Based on the gathered information, we will develop a unique training plan for you.

Using the combination of the communication method and a task-based approach, we are focusing on reproducing real-life business scenarios so that you feel comfortable acting in a specific situation. We specialize in teaching general and sector-specific vocabulary in the appropriate cultural context for your industry. You will enhance your language skills through working with substantive content from current news sources and performing engaging activities such as role-plays, mini-improvisations etc. The training plan with the number of hours per week will be recommended based on your target and availability.

At Language Advantage Inc. we monitor our learner’s progression focusing on developing proficiency through progressively more challenging can-do goals throughout the course of their language training program.  Can-do goals, based on realistic real-world scenarios, are important because they keep the learners focused on learning what is relevant to your actual needs.


Gaining the Trust of the Customer

In today’s “global economy”, in order to make maximum impact, an individual and a business must understand how business is conducted overseas. Learning a second language, relevant to the location in question, equips you with the necessary knowledge that is needed to make an impact. It is a natural human instinct for customers to respect and trust individuals who speak their language over someone who does not. Earning the respect and trust of customers is critical in business and employers will actively seek out and hire individuals who are best able to advance the interests of the company.

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Learning a new language means acquiring a new culture and mindset; once you are comfortable with these new language skills, they open doors into a more welcoming and interactive environment

~ Lizbeth Toscano, IAMGOLD, Language Advantage client since 2017

Improved Decision Making

Bilingual individuals are known for their heightened cognitive skills. Those who speak multiple languages need to use more brain-power and often excel at memory functions, multi-tasking and problem-solving since their brain often juggles between different language patterns.

In a professional environment, the above skills are highly valued commodities, which can create a competitive and successful business setting.

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Save time and money

Employees who work in a foreign language might be spending a considerable time reading the same document twice to get the full meaning, ask twice to understand what is being said in a meeting or require a colleague’s help with a translation. If employees need to work frequently in a foreign language but don’t feel completely at ease, it might slow them down and affect their productivity.

Even though improving your language skills might take time and effort at first, over time, with much application and perseverance the new language will feel more natural and easier to call upon and will save your organization time and money in the long run. Language Advantage clients become more productive by saving hours every week relying on their own improved language skills as opposed to translation services.

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