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OQLF French Exam Preparation Course

OQLF French Exam Preparation Course

In Canada’s Province of Québec, members of a professional order are legally required to demonstrate a knowledge of the French language that is appropriate to the competent practice of their profession. These members must be able to speak, write and work in French proficiently in order to obtain a regular licence to practise.

Unless professionals meet specific exemption criteria detailed in section 35 of the Charter of the French language, they must obtain a certificate of knowledge of French issued by the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF). To obtain the certificate, they must pass the OQLF exam.

About the OQLF Exam
It is designed specifically to evaluate your oral and written skills in French. It does not assess your professional or technical skills.

The exam is free of charge, lasts about three-and-one-half hours, and cannot be taken remotely. It consists of four parts: listening comprehension, reading comprehension, oral expression and written expression.

You must pass all four parts of the exam in the same session and achieve a CEFR B1 or B2 proficiency level in order to obtain the certificate.

To Begin
Like all Language Advantage programs, the OQLF French Exam Preparation Course starts with an in-depth evaluation of your French language skills – oral, written, comprehension and expression.

The program is tailored to you, your needs and convenience. Our unique, highly personalized approach fully conforms to the OQLF exam specifications, the professional requirements of your industry, and your role in it.

Preparing You for the OQLF French Exam

We help you “fast-track” your French-language learning and skill development, stressing areas that the exam is likely to evaluate. Together, we practise the most important language elements, adding in the relevant terminology, vocabulary and speaking styles that characterize many technical, scientific and professional fields. Many of the materials used, like text books, videos and exercises, are chosen to help develop the kind of language skills, knowledge and competence the test will assess.

The coach-teachers at Language Advantage have the necessary French language skills, teaching experience and sector-specific knowledge to tutor you for success when you take the OQLF exam. With our help and guidance, you will achieve the necessary levels of proficiency quickly and confidently.

Four Focus Areas of OQLF Exam Preparation

  1. Listening Comprehension: This involves active conversational listening, such as to French recordings and programs, and practising special exercises to improve your understanding of the spoken word. As well, it is always recommended that you voluntarily take part in French discussions and conversations with colleagues and friends whenever you have the opportunity.
  2. Reading Comprehension: Regular and varied reading in French is encouraged. Understanding of written text improves by reading articles and short pieces and answering questions about them. We encourage learners to write daily summaries of content that they read in order to hone their focus on key points. More complex written information and technical texts are used as tools to demonstrate specific uses of grammar, word choice and sentence structure.
  3. Oral Expression: To become more comfortable and confident using the French language, learners are urged to take every opportunity to practise conversations. Self-recording of your speech and reading aloud help to improve pronunciation and acclimatize “your ear” to the sounds of words and how the language flows.
  4. Written Expression: Writing and reading simple emails that professionals might exchange with colleagues, managers or clients helps learners to practise phrasing and become alert to common errors in spelling or grammar. Vocabulary knowledge, verb constructions and idiom use grow when coach-teachers explain how to apply them in everyday writing and speaking.


Expert coaches


Flexible scheduling


Your Commitment for Success

First and most important, is an optimistic, willing attitude! Just like regular, proper exercise builds muscle strength for physical improvement, regular, daily practice reading and writing in French will grow your language skills, knowledge and comfort using it.

You should expect to take part in regular assessments and discussions with your coach-teacher about your progress and challenges. These mutual feedback sessions will help us both determine whether adjustments to the program are advisable, and if particular exercises, strategies or exposures may help to strengthen your skills or knowledge in any area.

Course Length

Everyone learns differently, with different strengths, skills, pace and comfort levels.

Based on the assessment conducted when you begin—and your particular needs, expectations and goals for learning—we develop a specific, individualized program, customized for you.

The length of the course will vary for each learner. After your evaluation and before you begin, we will provide you with a complete estimate of the time commitment involved. This will include sessions with your coach-teacher and the amount of independent study and self-directed learning that may be necessary.

The Language Advantage Difference

All our coach-teachers at Language Advantage have had decades of experience, both learning new languages themselves and teaching others. They are experts in managing the learning process and will guide your personal growth experience with warmth, encouragement, patience and good humour.

Our human-centred support for learners is always available and adaptable, for as long as you need it. As always, your needs, preferences and schedule determine what and how that is provided.


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