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french writing 25 Years of Experience
Writing French that makes an impact in business

Business French Writing Course

Good writing = good understanding

english writing studentIn business, whether you write internal company communications, one-to-one emails, reports, presentations or marketing brochures, the goal is to have your message understood the way you intend it to be. Clearly. Respectfully. Effectively.

In much of Canada and the world, French is widely used and understood in business. The ability to write well in French, effectively and comfortably, raises your communications to the next level. You are able to build stronger trust and deeper relationships with francophone clients and stakeholders in Quebec and abroad.

Here’s the best part. Your business writing in French can get better, easily and (almost!) instantly. There are methods, tools and exercises that can help. Language Advantage coaches are experts. We know the tips and techniques. We’ll help you learn them, so you can see results right away.

You will be amazed! Your confidence will soar as your written messages have the effect you want. Inspiring. Engaging. Being understood the way you want to be.

Good writing = good thinking

Companies that want to create value know that saving money is as good as making money. Clear, effective communication helps you to do both.

  • Customers and stakeholders see you as more reliable and trustworthy.
  • You become a more effective “persuader.”
  • Your company’s brand is recognized more widely.
  • You save time and money across all your operations.
  • Management teams and employees become more engaged and confident in their roles and responsibilities.
  • Relationships with co-workers, peers and clients improve.
  • And so much more!
Program Description – Business French Writing Course

Strong writing skills are critical in every sector of today’s economy. Business involves much less direct conversation now. Talking face-to-face has been replaced with electronic interactions, like email, texts and all kinds of information transfer.

But people communicate important information in non-verbal ways, too. The tone of voice, facial expressions and gestures tell us a lot about the message and the messenger.

These things aren’t available to us when we write. Good writers know how to compensate for them and still have their writing achieve the desired effect. They convey emotion by choosing the right words and using them in a particular way.

In our Business French Writing Course, you’ll develop stronger French writing skills to

  • identify, format and compose a variety of business documents and communications
  • enhance your comfort and use of business and sector-appropriate vocabulary, grammar, punctuation and style
  • improve your understanding of various writing genres and formats; when, where and how to use them.

Who should take our Business French Writing Course?

writing studentsTopics, vocabulary and emphasis will be most beneficial to

  • native French and French-as-a-second-language speakers, at an intermediate level*
  • seasoned professionals, executives and new employees in any role that values good French communication skills
  • anyone who wants to improve their functional French skills and enhance their career potential and prospects.

* Each learner’s comfort level in French will be assessed before the course begins.

Like all Language Advantage programs, Business French Writing can be customized for each learner. The curriculum is flexible, starting at the level where you are most comfortable.

Outcomes: What you can expect

You’ll be amazed how quickly you progress. You’ll become more comfortable explaining your thoughts in writing, using more precise language and showing more of your own personality. You’ll enhance the communication skills you already have, using materials and examples from our clients’ own experiences.

When you successfully complete Business French Writing, you will be able to

  • write competent, clear, business emails and other work-related documents
  • be more effective and persuasive in your use of written French vocabulary and grammar
  • adapt your written content and personal style to the situation, context and audience, focusing on tone, word choice and format
  • write more quickly, easily and confidently.

Our coaches and instructors make learning easy and convenient

You’ll be working with professionals, chosen for their proven teaching abilities and years of hands-on experience. All our coaches are friendly, patient tutors with exceptional qualifications, business knowledge and comfort using technology.

  • Lessons are appropriate and relevant, so you can apply what you learn right away at work.
  • Flexible scheduling lets you attend classes at your convenience.
  • Course content, flow and emphasis match Canadian business standards with elements that can be customized to your industry and needs.

We make it relevant, personal and easy to succeed.

  • Exercises and examples are chosen from real-world tasks.
  • Coaching and feedback are direct, personalized and interactive.
  • Course length totals 12 hours, with delivery either online or in-person.
  • Material and content can be customized.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to helping you.

Lnaguage Advantage team