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Designed to meet your business needs

Language Programs Overview

We provide customized language training for companies and professionals across Canada. All programs are available in French, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese and Japanese.

We strive to help professionals and global businesses communicate effectively in a foreign language and culture, gain and sustain their competitive edge and increase productivity. All our language training programs are tailored to your needs and designed to meet your goals. We specialize in teaching sector-specific vocabulary in the appropriate cultural context for your industry. For a better experience, we also offer flexible scheduling based on your objectives and availability.

We have been helping Canadian and global companies for over 20 years. See the list of industries we have served.

At Language Advantage we offer face-to-face, virtual or blended programs

Face-to-Face Programs

Our face-to-face learning programs are designed to improve communication skills and cover all key aspects of the business language and culture you need to manage in order to confidently interact with colleagues, clients and partners.

After a careful assessment, our team will be able to understand where, with whom, and how you will need to use the language. With this in mind, we will design a personalized program with grammar, vocabulary and goals to meet all your needs.

The classes can be private, semi-private, or organized into mini-group sessions (4-6 participants). The language training can be carried out at your workplace or in any other suitable location. The most suited instructor will be assigned to you based on your needs and scheduling preferences. Learn more about our teaching approach.

Please note that due to COVID-19, all our programs are currently running online. Contact us for more information.

Virtual Programs

Are you frequently traveling and therefore seeking a more flexible learning solution?
Our virtual programs are designed for professionals who want to learn a second language or improve their business communication while being on the move.
Language Advantage allows you to have your language class online, regardless of where you are. Our instructors are flexible and can accommodate your busy schedule. We can use Skype, Google Hangout, or any other online meeting platform. Learn more about ourĀ teaching approach.

Read more about Moving to a Virtual Learning Environment and Making it Work

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.


Lunch & Learn Bootcamps

To provide an interactive forum to practice and improve your language skills and fluency.

Participants will enhance their conversational skills by increasing their general and business vocabulary throughout multiple activities. Participants will be grouped according to their levels, from New Beginner to Advanced (4 to 6 Participants per group).

Program Outline
A one-hour session will be moderated by Language Advantage. The participants will have the opportunity to learn and improve their language skills with colleagues and/or clients. The activities include discussions, role-plays, mini-improvisations, presentations, and a day theme (work, current affairs, social interactions, telephone skills, travel, and others). Learn more about ourĀ teaching approach.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

English Business Immersion Program with Pre-Assessment

Your Business Immersion Program begins with a pre-assessment to determine your current level of knowledge and your linguistic goals. This language assessment consists of a series of approximately 25 questions, both written and verbal, that will measure your grammar and comprehension. After the assessment, our professional teaching team will discuss with the Director how to customize your Core Program.

Customized Core Program
Depending on your needs and goals, the elements of your Business Immersion Program might include: presenting, negotiating, telephoning, video-conference coaching, reading (and understanding business materials), chairing a meeting and socializing.

Your program includes:

  • pronunciation and elocution: enhancing sound production, intelligibility, and the overall impact of the message transmitted.
  • grammar and usage: writing emails, reports, memos, and letters.

To ensure good integration of these skills, our instructors will meet weekly to measure and evaluate your progress and adjust the program, if necessary.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Exam Preparation Courses

To prepare professionals for many different language proficiency tests, whether it is for business, academic or personal purposes.

The most common exams our clients need to prepare for include IELTS, CELPIP or TOEFEL but we can help prepare for any other language exam.

Program Outline
We familiarize the participants with the structure of the tests and teach them effective skills to take the exam with confidence.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.

Our Packages

Gold package: Silver package: Bronze package:
Your Needs
Heavy ongoing communications in a foreign language

(More value for money. Ask us about pricing)

Communications in a foreign language on a frequent basis Occasional communications in a foreign language (such as a presentation, a report, an important conference call or a negotiation meeting)
What you will get
36 or 48 weeks Program in a Private or Small Group Format 12 or 24 weeks Program in a Private or Small Group Format 6 weeks Program in a Private Format
A detailed language assessment of your current language profile A detailed language assessment of your current language profile A detailed language assessment of your current language profile
A Monthly Action Plan A Monthly Action Plan Support with specific task
Monthly Progress Report Monthly Progress Report
A Blended Language & Cultural Awareness Program

Not sure which plan is the best for you? Contact us and we will find the best plan that suits your needs.

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