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English Business Immersion Program with Pre-Assessment

Your Business Immersion Program begins with a pre-assessment to determine your current level of knowledge and your linguistic goals. This language assessment consists of a series of approximately 25 questions, both written and verbal, that will measure your grammar and comprehension. After the assessment, our professional teaching team will discuss with the Director how to customize your Core Program.

Customized Core Program
Depending on your needs and goals, the elements of your Business Immersion Program might include: presenting, negotiating, telephoning, video-conference coaching, reading (and understanding business materials), chairing a meeting and socializing.

Your program includes:

  • pronunciation and elocution: enhancing sound production, intelligibility, and the overall impact of the message transmitted.
  • grammar and usage: writing emails, reports, memos, and letters.

To ensure good integration of these skills, our instructors will meet weekly to measure and evaluate your progress and adjust the program, if necessary.

Contact us for more information and for a free quote.