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Save time and money

Employees working in foreign languages often spend time reading and rereading the same documents. They may be unsure about discussions in a meeting or need assistance with translations. The more they need to function effectively, the greater the risk that their productivity and enthusiasm will suffer because their language skills are not strong enough.

Learning a new language takes time and effort. But the results will pay off, and not only for the employee-learners. In the long run, a specialized language program can save your company time and money.

It’s a fact: Language Advantage clients become more productive. They save hours every week relying on their improved language skills rather than translation services.

Learning a new language means acquiring a new culture and mindset; once you are comfortable with these new language skills, they open doors into a more welcoming and interactive environment

~ Lizbeth Toscano, IAMGOLD
Language Advantage client since 2017

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