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Elite Coaching – High-Impact Business Communication Training

Thinking of taking your communications to the next level?

Successful businesses have a lot in common with good communications. One, you can always tell when they’re working. And, two, you can’t have the first without the second.

Clear, business-appropriate communication is first about understanding. When you’re better understood, work is done better, faster and more safely. That forward momentum builds, and the spiral continues … up, up, up.

Helping is what we do

There’s never a down side to improving your communication skills, whatever your level and ability. Productivity and collaboration improve when we communicate well. Doing it together in the same language cements the deal. People hear and listen better when you speak their language. That builds trust and relationships that endure.

At Language Advantage, your success is our business. We understand the challenges of learning a new language—and that the process is different for everyone. To see yourself grow and improve is the best encouragement to keep learning. That’s what we want for you.


“I recently completed a 12-week course in business communication with Language Advantage Inc. English is my second language and I needed to improve my writing and speaking skills. I am a manager, and my position requires writing a lot of reports and being able to prepare and deliver various presentations effectively.

Thanks to this course, both skills have improved in such a short time. Right from the start, I was able to apply what I was learning and noticed my confidence level increasing tremendously.

I strongly recommend this company, my instructor was very knowledgeable and personalized a learning plan to my particular needs. In addition, their customer service is excellent.

As a student, I give Language Advantage Inc. an A+.”

Suzanne N., Government of Canada


Expert coaches
Flexible scheduling


About the Elite Coaching Program

Offered now in English and French only, we focus on concise, precise language; public speaking techniques; and strengthening presentation skills. There are programs for intermediate, advanced, and English and French-as-a-first-language professionals.

To begin, we evaluate your writing or oral skills. Then, we design a unique training plan that emphasizes the areas you want to focus on—reports, email, presentations, meetings, or other interactions. Topics and exercises deal with real-life and business scenarios and examples, so you can begin putting what you learn into practice right away.

  • Writing: You’ll learn tricks and tips for making your reports and papers clear and more focused. We’ll cover elements of style and how to adapt your language to different business purposes and audiences.
  • Discussions: Word choice should be as much about the listener as the speaker. Topics covered will be written vs. spoken styles, active listening, negotiation, winning support for your ideas, and more.
  • Presentation: Strong writing and speaking skills come together to create effective presentations. Learn how to organize your material, use words and tone to evoke emotion, read audiences and their engagement, and modulate your voice for emphasis and mood.

Discover the list of our courses.

To be sure you’re getting results, we follow up regularly. The quality of our instruction allows us to adapt to your progress or changing needs. Our instructors are experienced, patient teachers. They often offer flexible and creative solutions to pedagogical issues, too.

Who should attend

This program will benefit intermediate and advanced English and French learners and English and French-as-a-first-language professionals. Participants must be comfortable reading, writing and speaking English and French at a functional level—well enough to work in the language.

What to expect

Elite Coaching is designed to enhance your communication skills, specifically as they apply to business. The program uses materials and examples from our own clients’ experiences. Always, we adapt content to align with your specific goals and the feedback we receive from our experienced coaches.

You’ll have the warm and enthusiastic team at Language Advantage to support and guide you through the entire learning process. We know how to recognize proficiency and accelerate the program for advanced business-English and French students.

You’ll be amazed! You’ll apply what you’ve learned right away—engage your target audience, listen actively and interactively, and succeed more quickly in a diverse work environment. You’ll:

  • create more inclusive dialogues
  • save time and money on translators, dictionaries, and other tools
  • understand cultural differences and collaborate more effectively across them
  • develop skills to advance your career and launch your global future
  • mitigate liability with better language and terminology in law, insurance, etc., and
  • improve your company’s brand and reputation.

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