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From Client Inquiry To Program Start

  1. Language Advantage (LA) will discuss in depth the Clients and Participants learning objectives and expectations
    (level of fluency to be achieved, typical situations where the Participant will need to use the language etc.) and expectations (Program Start and End Dates, level of commitment to frequency of classes, allocation of budget for training, etc).
  2. Language assessments
    Conducted either on-site or over the telephone by the LA Director or teacher. Each assessment will be approximately 15 to 20 minutes per Participant. The LA Director will recommend the frequency of classes required to achieve the Clients language training objectives within the Clients timeframe. Similar learning levels will be grouped, and a curriculum will be designed and developed by LA to submit to the Client for review and approval.
  3. Teacher selection
    Our teachers have exceptional educational qualifications and business acumen
  4. Progress monitoring
    LA and the teacher regularly monitor the Participants progress. Adjustments to refine the curriculum are made on an ongoing basis to ensure the Participants learning is effective and relevant