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Communication: your competitive advantage

Your needs, goals and abilities aren’t like anyone else’s. Your language learning program shouldn’t be, either. So, for over 20 years in Canada and abroad, we’ve been offering flexible, individualized programs that suit business people, professionals and world travellers.

You can expect immediate results. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself applying what you learn right away at work. With our proven methods, on-site and online options, you’ll quickly learn to communicate effectively—and comfortably—in the language of your customers, co-workers and stakeholders. Faster than you thought possible, in a customized program that fits your schedule.

That’s only the beginning. Our instructors are experienced, international specialists and friendly, caring teachers. They help you develop a real, respectful appreciation for the cultures and lifestyles of the countries and regions where they speak those languages, too. We specialize in sector-specific vocabulary, used with cultural sensitivity as it applies to your industry.

You’ll see the results of real communication success, as your competitive edge, productivity and effectiveness grow.

Language Advantage programs are designed for YOU